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Securing your job with HR experts advice

70% of resumes do not pass AI screening and only 2% are deemed relevant. Give yourself a chance to impress, be part of the 2%.

Through analyzing countless resumes and consulting our HR experts, we have created an algorithm to ensure you the best resume.

From keywords, structures, to the presentation of experiences, we focus on each minute detail to leave no room for error.

Resume Pages Useful Tools


AI Approved Templates

You only have so much space to promote yourself. Make every word count. Our templates have been designed to utilize keywords and phrases that have been approved by our AI systems. We incorporate multiple statistical models to mind and found the most impactful words to ensure your message gets across.


Data-Driven Research

Most competitors don’t ensure their services are tested and backed by data. But we do! We’ve done qualitative research and algorithms because we understand it is essential for every word on our website to be supported by research and years of industry experience to ensure we deliver the best possible service.


Step-by-Step Recruiter Tips

After extensive research by our experts and consultations with recruiters, we have designed a step-by-step guideline to help you write your Cover Letters. You can find it here.


Online Resume Builder

Let us guide you towards building your best resume! Our resume services are easy to use with multiple templates and grammar checks to keep your resumes unique and free of errors!


ATS Screening

Ensure your resume passes the AI screening process (Applicant Tracking System). The ATS is the first round of filtering when you apply for jobs. Our resume formats will pass ATS screening, getting you a step further into the next round!


Cover Letters By Industry

No two companies are the same, and nor should your cover letter. We have extensive research on most companies and pinpointed the core values each company holds and what they value in an applicant. Let us help tailor your every application to each company.


Every Industry Covered

Our research covers a multitude of industries and ensures that you're fulfilling the different standards and requirements for the roles you are applying to.


Fast Easy Formatting

Save and distribute your resume into multiple formats, including Word, PDF, and HTML.

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