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Cover Letter

The cover letters is one of the most misunderstood part of a job application process. Although some companies do not require them, it is definitely a chance to further present yourself and to show why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Your cover letter is a statement of intent and reiterates your desire for the role and how you can fulfill the role’s requirements. It is the first impression that you make before you even step into the room for an interview. There are three key things employers are looking for in your cover letter: that you are detail orientated and have done your research into what you are applying to; that you understand and can fulfill the role’s requirements; and lastly, that you fit into the culture and buy into the vision of the company. Everyone wants to work with coworkers who are reliable and are motivated to help their team reach larger goals. The cover letter is there to ensure your potential employees know that you will be this person that they and everyone else in the company are looking forward to work with everyday.

A good level of research and reflection is required in order to write a good cover letter. A lot of research into the company and industry is needed to ensure that you tailor the cover letter to the right audience. Coming up with a strong and coherent narrative is not easy and requires a lot of reflection and retrospection of your career goals and your values. In order to help you get started, we here at resume page have compiled some tips to help you out!

What do you want?

Know what you want. Make sure that you are clear and understand what you are looking for and what value you are looking to gain from joining the firm at this moment of time. This changes over time so do make sure to write out your thoughts and really challenge yourself to think deeper about it. What do you believe in?

What do you believe in and why? What are principles and core values that you hold? Like the previous tip, make sure to understand your morals and principles so that you are happy and motivated to work for a firm that also represents the same goals and principles as yourself.

What does the company believe in?

What does the firm believe in? What do they strive for and what is their culture like? Find out what their mission statements, core values, and working cultures are so that you can make the ensure that they fit your beliefs and values. By doing so, you will be able to predict how well you fit into the firm and how happy you would be in the role.

Who is the company looking for?

Look through applicant reviews and read the job listing again. Who is the company looking for to fill these roles? Figure out what the average accepted applicant looks like and compare yourself to these successful candidates. Do you share any traits with them? Is there anything they are emphasizing about themselves that the company is looking for? After finding common traits, ensure to write about them in your cover letter.

What are the role’s requirements?

Make sure you know what the role requires and that you are eligible to apply to thee job. Don’t waste your time applying to a job you’re not qualified for.

Which experiences prove that you can have the role’s requirements?

Look through you CV. What experiences do you have that shows you meet requirements and shows potentially how well you would perform? Identify these experiences and tell the firm how the have shaped you and what they have taught you. This solidifies your understanding of yourself and ensures they are clear about who you are and what you bring.

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