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The job market is tougher and more competitive than ever. Each open position at a popular company has over 100 applicants. The pandemic is only going to make things more difficult as employers focus on survival and as the next set of college students graduate and start looking for jobs. Making a very good first impression becomes even more important as candidates look for every little advantage over their rivals. This is where your resume comes in.

Within a matter of seconds, you will need to convince someone you have never met or even know of, that you are worth investing in. You will need to convince them that you are worth their precious time, resources and that they will enjoy working with you for a very long time. Seems a bit daunting when you think about it this way, that is why it is more than crucial to spend a significant amount of time perfecting your resume. You should definitely make it a priority during your job search process.

It is the first opportunity you will have to make a good impression on your prospective employer. Keep in mind that you are not the first or the last resume they are going to look at, you could just be a single file among hundreds. You need to make sure that your resume stands out and is free of any errors, when you are competing with so many applicants any small errors such as spelling or incorrect formatting will take you out of the running before they even get to your qualifications.

The prospective employer should also be able to gauge your past experiences as well as your future potential. A well-crafted resume should do exactly that by showcasing your experiences and what you have learnt and the important skills that you have developed. And another tempting route is to bolster your resume with less than accurate information. This way you might pass the resume selection of the process but then comes the interview. Recruiters with years of experience and thousands of candidate interviews under their belt will be able to instantly recognize the disparity. And you will get nowhere. Therefore, keep your resume factually accurate to the best of your abilities.

As hiring processes are becoming more Al dominated, you first have to convince a computer that you are good before a human even gets a chance to look at your resume. This is where the importance of your research comes in. Not only is having a resume important but tailoring your resume for each position is also a necessary step. The Al algorithm will look for keywords/skills and try to identify if you are a match for a particular position. Even if you have a stellar resume using the same for every available position will get you to the next step. You should spend time and do your research before you start applying for jobs. Also, keep in mind to make sure that your resume is compatible with the Al system that prospective employers use.

Resume Page is here to help you with your resume designs, Al accepting templates and has enough research to get you started on the right path.

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